PDC8 Front Hvid mVifte
PDC8 Side hvid
PDC8 opsat hvid

Precision Detection Comb 8


Logo optionYes
Option for additional textYes
Colour selection optionYes
Customisation optionPrivate label
DescriptionSuitable for private label
Product dimensionsL: 80 mm, H: 54,50 mm


Color examples

Zantey Precision Detection Comb 8 (PDC8) is designed to minimise wrist strain during use. In addition, it has been proven effective and safe in numerous controlled clinical studies.

PDC8 is ergonomically designed to protect the wrist while combing. The slightly different design also means that this head lice comb offers the best options for personalised branding.

As part of our private label solution, this head lice comb can be embossed with your logo and text and produced in different colours to match your brand.

PDC8 is moulded in ABS. This material is robust enough to prevent the teeth of the head lice comb from bending when in use, trapping the head lice and preventing them from escaping through the teeth – while the plastic is flexible enough to allow the head lice comb to glide easily through the hair when combing.

Zantey head lice combs are produced in-house at our subsidiary, and is e.g., ISO 13485 certified, which helps to ensure high quality throughout the entire production process. Furthermore, the head lice combs are classified as Class I medical devices and are CE marked.

Find out more about our certifications here.

When entering into an agreement on distribution of Liceworld® or private label of the head lice comb, a full dossier in accordance with EU medical device regulations is available.

According to Danish legislation on medical devices, Zantey may only make studies and articles available to persons who purchase, sell or use the product commercially. Therefore, these are not freely available on our website.

If you are a business person who would like further information and documentation on our head lice combs, please contact us at info@zantey.com.

You can download the Instructions for Use (IFU) here.

The head lice combs can be supplied in bulk, blister-packed or other packaging of your choice.

Should you require your own design on the packaging, this is an option under our private label solution.