About Us

Zantey is a Danish company founded in 1998. In 2016 we established our own subsidiary in Germany for our own production. We specialise in CE marked, well-documented head lice combs for private label and sales of our own brand.

Our head lice combs are sold through various pharmacy chains and pharmaceutical companies that develop and market head lice products in Europe, Canada, Australia and Saudi Arabia. Our head lice combs are robust, precise and ergonomic, and have been recognised in numerous international studies as the best documented head lice combs on the market.


Expertise and Industry Insight

At Zantey, we combine technical expertise with deep industry insight. Our employees have many years of experience in researching blood-sucking insects, as well as marketing and sales of pharmaceutical products. We are constantly striving to deliver inspiring and knowledge-based holistic solutions to our customers, making a significant difference for the end user in the treatment of head lice.

At our production facility in northern Germany, we produce, assemble and package everything in plastic for medical and non-medical use – including Zantey head lice combs. Our employees in the production facility are highly specialised with many years of experience in injection moulding and quality assurance of medical devices. The production is ISO 13485 certified and delivers only high quality German products. The production is a 100% owned subsidiary of Zantey ApS.

Head lice combs based on research
All our head lice combs have been proven effective and safe in numerous controlled clinical studies. In addition, Zantey has provided professional advice in several research projects and awareness campaigns on head lice treatment for pharmacies, authorities and pharmaceutical companies since 1998.

Since 2006, Zantey has been an advisor on municipal and national campaigns on head lice. The aim has been to encourage parents to examine and treat their children for head lice on a regular basis – before sending them back to daycare centres and schools. Numerous studies have shown that such coordinated efforts against head lice can keep the problem down and make entire institutions head lice-free.

Zantey has also provided technical advice and equipment for a research project at a children’s home in India. Here, 98% of the children had head lice and the remaining 2% had no hair. The aim was to investigate whether teaching the children to check and comb each other for head lice on a daily basis could solve the head lice problem. After 3 weeks, 96% of the children were head lice-free.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Zantey, it is important for us to support CSR. One way we do this is through collaboration with a sheltered workshop in Norderstedt. In this collaboration, we value the unique skills of the individual employee more than the challenges each individual may have.

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