We Specialise In Head Lice Combs

At Zantey, we specialise in designing and producing the market’s best documented, high quality head lice combs that provide the ideal conditions for effective diagnosis and treatment of head lice every time. This is based on many years of intensive research into the biology and behaviour of head lice.

Zantey head lice combs are developed and designed in Denmark. The meticulous design and choice of materials make each head lice comb both ergonomic and effective in use. They are produced according to the high German quality standards in our ISO certified production facility at our subsidiary in Norderstedt, Germany.

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PDC1 Front Turkis Pantone 320c 1


Zantey Precision Detection Comb 1 (PDC1) is a classic head lice comb, with its recognisable design. This head lice comb has been used for many years in international studies to detect and treat head lice.

This head lice comb is popular both as an individual product and as part of a pack when selling head lice treatment products.

PDC2 Front Lyseroed 705c 1


The Zantey Precision Detection Comb 2 (PDC2) is designed to fit comfortably in the hand. In addition, it has been shown to be effective and safe in numerous clinical controlled studies.

PDC8 Front Groen 1


Zantey Precision Detection Comb 8 (PDC8) is designed to minimise wrist strain during use. In addition, it has been proven effective and safe in numerous controlled clinical studies.

MPC1 Front Blau 660c 1


Zantey Metal Pin Comb 1 (MPC1) is an ergonomic, robust and effective head lice comb with long steel teeth.

MPC2 Front Moerkeblaa 1


Zantey Metal Pin Comb 2 (MPC2) is an elegant steel head lice comb designed to comb for head lice in long, curly and thick hair without putting undue strain on the wrist.

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Custom Design

Head lice combs in your own design, colours, logo and customisation.

Clinically Documented Head Lice Combs

We have developed our head lice combs based on intensive research and extensive knowledge of head lice – which is why they are the most well documented head lice combs on the market. Factors such as materials, as well as equal and correct spacing between the teeth of the head lice comb are crucial to ensure that a head lice comb is effective and safe for treating head lice.

All our head lice combs have been proven to be effective and safe in numerous clinical studies. In addition, Zantey has provided professional advice in several research projects and awareness campaigns on the treatment of head lice.

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