Lice combs

Danish design, Danish quality. When your brand deserves a lice comb of the best quality.

PDC8, Precision Detection Comb, Lice, Comb, Lice Comb, Detection Comb, Lice threatment

Precision Detection Comb 8

PDC8 is the most flexible comb for individual branding.
On PDC8 both logo and text can be varied to match your market.

PDC8 can be made in most colours, for example in the colour of your brand. PDC8 has shown to be safe and effective in numerous clinical, randomized, controlled trials.

The plastic is moderately flexible, yet durable, thus prevents the lice from slipping through the teeth. At the same time, the comb easily glides through the hair. The teeth are rounded, so they will not scratch the scalp. The shape of PDC8 is comfortable to hold on to, thus sparing the wrist.

Full dossier in accordance with EU rules for medical devices is available at the conclusion of an agreement.

Material: ABS

Customized logo: Yes

Customized colours: Yes


PDC8 1585C

PDC8 7425C

PDC8 562C

PDC8 white1