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Metal Pin Comb 2

MPC2 is the elegant steel comb, designed to comb for lice in long and thick hair. The comb is comfortable to use, even during an extensive combing process.

The ergonomic tilt angle of the comb protects the wrist from weariness.

The handle is made of durable nylon. The teeth are produced by exclusive stainless steel with a 0.15 mm spacing. Both adult lice and nymphs are captured effectively without damaging the hair. The teeth are rounded and gentle to the scalp. MPC2 is the ultimate lice comb that lasts for years.

Full dossier in accordance with EU rules for medical devices is available at the conclusion of an agreement.

Material: ABS

Customized logo: Yes

Customized colours: Yes


MPC2 116C

MPC2 165C 3

MPC2 7425C 2

MPC2 3262C 2