Lice combs

Danish design, Danish quality. When your brand deserves a lice comb of the best quality.

Metal Pin Comb 1

MPC1 is an ergonomic, robust and effective lice comb with long steel teeth. The handle is made of durable nylon, which is comfortable to hold.

The area in the middle of the handle is grooved, so you have a firm grip on the comb, even when the hair is saturated with conditioner. The handle is ergonomically angled, which eases the combing process even when combing lice out of long and thick hair.

The rounded 31mm long teeth with 0.15 mm spacing is formed of exclusive stainless steel.

MPC1 can be produced in colours of your choice. Logo can be inserted on the handle.

Full dossier in accordance with EU rules for medical devices is available at the conclusion of an agreement.

Material: Nylon and stainless steel

Customized logo: Yes

Customized colours: Yes



MPC1 7425C

MPC1 375C 2

MPC1 7473C

MPC1 716C