Lice combs

Danish design, Danish quality. When your brand deserves a lice comb of the best quality.

Lice combs from Zantey are all based on intensive research in the louse biology and behavior. We design, develop, manufacture and distribute what we trust to be the world's best documented lice combs*. The material of the combs and the precise distance between the teeth means that the combs are robust and ergonomic to use and highly effective in removing adult lice, nymphs and nits. All our combs are CE marked and classified as medical devices (Class I), and are manufactured at our own production facility, which is ISO 13485 certified.

We develop private label designs of lice combs and packaging for pharmacies and companies, who market head lice products. Our lice combs are supplied in bulk or as blister-packaged goods. Please send a request 

In some countries we distribute our own brandYou can read more about our lice combs in plastic (PDC) and metal (MPC).

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*The Zantey head lice combs are classified as medical device Class I. Legislation on medical device in Denmark states that one may only make studies and articles available to persons who professionally buy, retail or use it. Thus, scientific articles and other scientific evidence of our combs cannot be freely available on our website. Are you a business person, pharmacist, doctor or nurse and would like more information about the documentation on our combs please send a request.