myFleaTrap® is your safe, easy to use and guaranteed to work flea solution!

Zantey specialises in lice, fleas and ticks. We have spent years researching in the behaviour and biology of fleas. Especially the extreme nuisance, fleas can cause when they are everywhere in your home or just waiting for you and your dog to return to the summer cottage or the caravan. These well-known situations have long called for the invention of an effective flea trap.

myFleaTrap® is designed for easy, effective and non-toxic capture of fleas in your home. myFleaTrap® is an effective supplement to flea treatment of dogs and cats.

With myFleaTrap®, Zantey sets the new standard for efficient and environmentally friendly control of fleas in infested areas.

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myFleaTrap® is marked with the above recycling symbol. It indicates that at the end of the life of the product, you should dispose of it separately at an appropriate collection point and not place it in the normal domestic waste stream.