Zantey provides consultancy to pharmaceutical and veterinary companies developing or marketing products to control head lice, fleas and ticks.

At Zantey , we have many years of experience in research in blood-sucking insects as well as marketing knowledge of products to control them. We are committed to profound professionalism and make a virtue of being first with the latest news about lice, fleas and ticks.

Since 1998, Zantey has provided consultancy on blood-sucking insects to authorities, pharmacies, veterinarians, pharmaceutical companies, and private individuals.

We solve national and international consultancy assignments for the veterinary and human pharmaceutical industry. We provide professional consulting services throughout the product life cycle: From validation of concept, clinical trials, regulatory procedures to post-marketing studies and projects.

We specialise in technical, scientific, and commercial communication. We offer education and training of employees, pharmacists, veterinarians, nurses and similar trained personnel as well as development of general consumer information and internal training materials.